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Choosing Appropriate Social Platform

Choose your social media marketing strategy with us!

The seed you sow so you reap. This rightly applies to you at the time of making a choice on the social media platforms for your business. It is important to mention here that not all the platforms are suitable for you though they may be so in the majority of the cases. For instance, in a recent research conducted by Pew Research, it has been found that 63% Americans use Twitter and Facebook in search of news on events and issues besides the family and friends. Again, double the number of Facebook users is believed to follow Twitter for the breaking news.

Likewise, you have to be careful about the social media platforms that you choose to go with for the product or brand campaign. You are expert as an entrepreneur or maybe the person holding the topmost post in your office. You are thus accountable for the growth and profitability of the business. But, can you afford to look after each and every aspect of the business? Surely NOT. There we come to your help with our years of hands-on experience and expertise on the social media platforms.

social media marketing strategy

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What we do for choosing the social media platforms:

  • Understanding your target group (TG): While choosing the appropriate social media platforms for you, we always give 100% priority to your TG. Having said that, we mean unless we have a clear mindset about the TG, we by default can’t choose the best social platform for your business. For instance, Pinterest is a social media platform that has been known for the female audience in much greater number compared to others. In other words, if you have a product that caters to ladies, we should choose Pinterest at the first place. But, Pinterest is mostly very popular among the Americans. Hence, it has a niche market.
  • Brand equity: You are well-known in the market and also have a consumer profile. Based on the same, we tend to choose the social media platform that suits your campaign too. For instance, you appeal to a majority of the learned consumers. We then choose LinkedIn for you as it’s a very consummate social media platform.
  • Brand positioning: Brand positioning refers to the act of owning the consumers’ mind. Whether you wish to be known as a premium brand or a brand for the mass will benchmark our selection. We work very hard with you/your team to understand this and choose an appropriate social media platform accordingly. We choose Twitter over the Facebook when you address the mass market.
  • Pricing: Pricing too contributes to the selection of a social media platform. In fact, pricing is very sensitive in some markets around the world. You will see comments on your posts especially from those markets that will have a negative impact on your brand positioning. It is important to respond to them individually and Facebook gives that flexibility to you.

To know more about our social media selection process, call us today.

Case Study

Social Media Marketing Strategy

With more and more companies realizing the importance of online marketing on the internet, it has become very important to get quality SEO services in Bangalore at low prices. A common problem that many web masters face is the high expenses of the quality SEO services. With no other alternatives left with the web masters, they had to compromise with high rates so far. And as a result not many companies could have afforded the high expenses.

Particularly the small scale organizations and the sole entrepreneurships suffered the most as the giants of the business used to wean them of potential customers. Their website, due to low ranking and unavailability of quality SEO services in Bangalore at lower rates, could never reach their target audience and therefore they were doomed to oblivion.

But now the problem has an amazing solution with brand new SEO services in Bangalore. With many SEO services blooming in Bangalore, India, you can now reach out to good SEO services in Bangalore. These SEO consultants of India have been successful in a short span of time due to their quality optimizing services and timely delivery of the same.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The SEO Services Bangalore give you an unmatched service which creates the right effect on your website and as a consequence has the maximum impact on your audience. We concentrate on the foundation of your business, your products, services and most importantly your customers. With more technological innovations and development in India, the SEO services in Bangalore companies are fully equipped to meet all your SEO requirements. The combination of specialized technology and the right skills, we provide you with maximum help in social media marketing strategy to attain higher rankings in the various search engines including those which are most viewed.

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