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Data Services

Digipush has been choice of many MNC’s for their data driven marketing needs. Having a vast experience and in-depth analysis capabilities, Digipush has been attracting repeat business from its clients globally.

We provide specialised industry-wide data services narrowed down to your target prospects. You can target deepest niche in your industry with our acclaimed data services.

Digipush data services is the right choice for enabling the growth in your data driven business. We are a premium e-mail service provider, extending our help in reaching out to the target audience of various businesses across the globe. Digipush data services has a cutting edge over the database management technology to build a customized marketing e-mail list for our clients. With us by your side your business can penetrate in the wide market and propel success.

Digipush data services have the privilege of working with the leading industries and company leaders to provide a high quality data group. We have majorly invested in finding the suitable database for the Small business segments without compromising the quality

Customisation is the key, we offer custom-fit database solutions that are uniquely crafted and flexible as per your needs.

Our offering as a data provider:

  • List building / management
  • Data appending services
  • Data cleansing & verification
  • Data proofing
  • Technology data intelligence
  • Tech install-base lists

Our offering as a consultant:

  • Marketing consultancy services
  • Demand generation
  • Lead generation
  • Business consulting
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing / sales integration

We work with various industries like healthcare, education, real estate, finance, technology and many more globally. Our tailor made services are suited to target any industry serving any part of the world.

Even small and medium size business needs real-time data providers to run the high quality business. Prather with Digipush data services and receive a top notch feature of for updating e-mail list consistently. Our services are extended in both technical and non-technical niches. Some important sector of our e-mail database include

  • Financial Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Resource Management
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Corporate Services
  • Real Estate
  • Food and Beverages
  • Product and Manufacturing
  • Construction

Our Team:

If you are deploying thousands of people in finding your target audience; worry no more. Digipush data services take pride in providing end-to-end data centric business solutions that make your marketing process easier than ever. We have a unit of champions which includes data scientists, researchers, and analysts on board who are making the Digipush data services platform offering a verified e-mail list of high accuracy. We promise a quality B2B and B2C e-mail list that increases productivity and 100% deliverability while saving it from the spam filters

Why Choose Digipush Data Services ?

Digipush data services has a simple belief. Decision making of any firm should depend on backing data. Our company is e-mail list database marketing firm which has an extensive knowledge over data. We understand your requirements completely and designed services that blends with marketing solutions and business strategies. We offer an accurate target list that can assist in making a strong decision.

Cost Efficiency:

The data solutions provided at Digipush data services are cost efficient and enable the small business to take part in the market efficiently. As we support innovation on table we help in taking the new ideas directly to the customers achieving the high level of growth. By knowing your goals, preferences and budget we optimize the business e-mail list ensuring a profitable data.

Responsive User database:

With the advancement of technology, the users of various industry leaders are looking for the responsive users in various segments. We at Digipush, help you in finding the biggest chain of responsive technology users in the freshest format available. Our e-mail list is enriched and comprehensive that takes your campaigns effectively your customers.

Data Management process:

Digipush data services  is evolving as a forefront in the data management services industry. E-mail data group are well processes and provided to our clients only after verifying their deliverability. We often update the e-mail list that match our in-house data and replace the invalid or inactive addresses. Digipush data services not only focus on offering the data to their clients but also involved in resolving the quality data issues.