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Brand Promotion on Facebook, a Case Study

Since the early 2000’s, majority of businesses, whether online or not, have relied on digital marketing for sales and brand awareness. It’s quite understandable, considering 90% of the world’s population is hooked on to some form of online media. Facebook receives about 1.86 billion user visits a month, making it the number one social media site and a top spot for digital marketing. Over the past few years, questions have been raised on Facebook’s ‘Brand Marketing’ ability. While Facebook is a wonderful platform to stay in touch with people and share life events, is it really a viable spot for marketing? Here are some of the top brands with popular pages on Facebook:

  • Oreo: Sandwich cookie Oreo on its 100th birthday launched a massive campaign by releasing 100 Facebook posts in 100 days. Each post was either a colourful photograph or video. While other food brands where spending dollars on TV advertising, Oreo, with little expenditure, achieved huge success. Over the course of a hundred days their posts received millions of views and most ended up in the ‘trending’ section, increasing their follower count and ultimately bumping up sales.
  • Disney: Disney, with multiple Facebook pages covering each of their sister brands, has over 200 million likes in total. Each page is constantly updated with images, videos and gifs of their productions and movie releases. Their success is largely attributed to posting visually stunning content, before and during a movie release. Their ‘Disney Movie Rewards’ page runs regular contests, giving winners goodies and movie tickets.
  • Taco Bell: With over 10 million likes on their Facebook page, Taco Bell is a very active member on the social media site and is one of the first food chains to leverage Facebook for brand promotion. They actively promote their existing menu and promote new culinary masterpieces with pictures that literally make your mouth water. One of their greatest strategies is video marketing. Taco Bell uploads video adverts on both Facebook and YouTube, but a survey by com claimed 75% of their views came from Facebook.
  • Red Bull: Red Bull is an energy drink sold by Red Bull GmbH, an Austrian company. They also sponsor and host multiple sporting events worldwide. Their Facebook page has over 47 million likes and is alive with pictures and videos of events from all over the world. They have a well-designed page with separate tabs for information about products and upcoming events. Being a giant event host and sponsor, Red Bull uses Facebook posts to keep their followers well informed. A major contributor to their event’s ticket sales is
  • Teach for India: It’s not just product giants who leverage Facebook for brand promotion. Teach for India is a non-profit organization in India whose sole purpose is to eliminate illiteracy in the second most populated country in the world. With over 8 hundred thousand likes, their Facebook page is always buzzing with posts about their charity drives and events through pictures and videos. Anyone can volunteer to help by contacting them over Facebook.

Facebook continues to be the favourite playground for digital marketers. Despite the increase in number of social media apps and websites over the last decade, Facebook currently has no rival in popularity which makes it a plush advertising platform.