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Brand Promotion on Twitter, a Case Study

Twitter, is an online news and social networking service. Twitter allows users to post ‘tweets’ which other users can interact with. Although Twitter, which has a restricted word count of 140 characters, seems to not be a viable marketing source, if leveraged properly can be a massive promoting stage. Twitter has millions of online users and the restriction on word count seems to be more of a boon than a bane. Since the ‘tweets’ are small, people tend to read them all rather than simply surf through the page. This means your tweet has more chances of being read than being ignored. Here are some companies who leveraged Twitter for a successful ad campaign:

  • LG: In 2012, technology giant LG launched a smartly planned marketing strategy by setting up a ‘twitter treasure hunt’. @LGUS simply setup stalls around UK, and the first person to find individual stalls would win free tickets to a concert. The map to the stalls was obtained by getting clues on twitter using the #Igtickethunter hashtag. This simple strategy along with other brand promotion increased their sales exponentially that year! They continue to be active on twitter with periodic tweets about upcoming products.
  • Mercedes: In the year 2013, Mercedes partnered with twitter to involve the apps users to shape their television commercial. @Mercedes aired a 30 second scene of a thrilling car chase, without an ending. The twiterrati were then asked to vote, from a selected list, for how the advert ended. The winning finale was then aired. By involving the general public in a creative way, Mercedes greatly increased their twitter followers which subsequently aided in product promotion.
  • Motorola: Twitter partnered with Motorola’s creative partner Ogilvy & Mather to promote their latest smartphone release, Moto Z, through hashtag #InASnap. @Moto strategically created custom finger snap ‘emojis’ to highlight the simplicity of the phone’s mods and features. Users were encouraged to share, on twitter, how the smartphone’s mods could be integrated in their day to day routine with ease. The campaign was a huge success generating positive sentiments among the tweeple and a boost in sales for Motorola
  • Toyota: Toyota, ahead of becoming the official sponsor for the 2018 Winter Olympics, created a #LetsJoinHands campaign in celebration of the 2016 Rio Olympics. @Toyota encouraged Twitter users to post pictures and videos of them joining hands. The campaign gained huge momentum with cheerful pictures and videos being posted, and the hashtag getting millions of impressions. But the movement didn’t stop there. For every post referenced to #LetsJoinHands, Toyota promised US$ 20 to the United Way
  • Starbucks: Coffee house giant Starbucks launched the ‘tweetacoffee’ campaign in the month of October, 2013. Consumers could gift a $5 gift card to a friend, by first linking their Starbucks account to twitter and filling in credit card details, and then tweeting with the handle @tweetacoffee and the friend’s twitter handle added to the tweet. Within a month of launching the campaign, Starbucks had raised over $100,000 in revenue. In addition to monetary benefits, Starbucks also managed to get thousands of their customers’ accounts added to their twitter account increasing their customer database.

Twitter continues to be a major benefactor of brands in terms of promotion. With more users joining every day, companies are turning to wordsmiths and writers to generate witty and catchy content to improve brand visibility.