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Brand Promotion on YouTube, a Case Study

YouTube is the number one video sharing platform in the world today. A subsidiary of google, it allows anyone with a google account to login and upload videos, as long as the content adheres to their guidelines. YouTube, for a very long time was considered a location to share movies and short clips only, but is now being used by companies to advertise and share brand awareness. A lot of YouTubers who started off as entertainers have now branched out to become product based entrepreneurs. In addition, brands pay Google to have their ads showcased on other users’ videos.

  • GoPro: Gopro is by far, YouTube‘s greatest success story in terms of creating brand awareness. GoPro mainly manufactures action cameras and have now moved on to releasing their first drone, Karma. GoPro‘s success worked in two ways, one through direct advertisement by the company itself, and two by indirect promotion via users of the camera, who posted their videos online and gave credit to GoPro. In 2011, GoPro generated roughly US$ 234 million in revenue and in 2015 their revenue was recorded at US$ 1.62 billion. Talk about your exponential growth.
  • The Viral Fever: The Viral Fever, or TVF, is an Indian, online digital entertainment channel. Before branching out their content to their own website, TVF aired their videos only on YouTube, and as of March 2017 they have over 2 million subscribers. These guys are the definition of a YouTube success story. After gaining popularity mainly in India and also overseas, they released their own app and website, and monetised their content.
  • Samsung: Their official YouTube page in 7 years has gathered over 2 million subscribers and amassed over 166 million views. Their videos are a smart blend of product advertisement and lively videos of landscape exploration shot on their devices. In addition to marketing through their official page, Samsung also has paid affiliations with YouTube, which posts their advertisements on other YouTube videos for a price.
  • Superwoman: Lilly Singh is a Canadian YouTuber who is more popularly known as With over 11 million subscribers and nearly 2 billion views, she is, according to Forbes, the third highest paid YouTuber in the world. Lilly launched her YouTube channel under the pseudonym Superwoman in the year 2010. What started off as a channel that hosted Lilly‘s funny videos and rants quickly became a brand and a career. Banking on her YouTube success, Superwoman launched her own lipstick in the year 2016 called ‘BAWSE‘ and subsequently released her first feature film titled A Trip to Uniform Island. In March 2017 she also released her very first book, How to be a Bawse.
  • PewDiePie: There’s no talking about YouTube without a mention to this guy, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie aka Pewds. This man’s YouTube subscribers list, at 54 million, is more than most country’s population. He began with posting videos of him playing video games accompanied by witty commentary but as his success grew, so did his genre and his wit. After gaining much success on YouTube, Felix began working with film production companies as an official marketing spokesman, via his YouTube He also uses his fame and massive outreach to raise funds for charity.

YouTube has turned out to be one of the greatest platforms for movie makers, song writers and any brand owner with a video to promote their content.